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​I look at this perfectly-shaped rainbow, recently photographed in Israel, and I am reminded that God is in control.

pastors will pray for you


The 2015 Pastors' Israel Solidarity Mission starts Jan. 19. Submit your prayer requests to be taken to the Western Wall on Jan. 25.

esther 4:14


Our ministry’s umbrella project, Esther 4:14, urges Christians to no longer remain silent, to be like Esther “for such a time as this.”




heart to heart


Heart to Heart was there when synagogue massacre victims needed 200 units of blood. Read more and then donate to Heart to Heart to provide life-saving blood.

shop israel online 


Jerry Clark Ministries is proud to partner with the Yardenit gift shop on the banks of the River Jordan to make Israel shopping easily available to you. 



Bless Israel and you will be blessed. Support Jerry Clark Ministries, its voice for Israel, and its support of on-the-ground projects in Israel. 


pulpit ministry


Rev. Jerry Clark will bring his unbridled passion for Israel, his insight, and his challenge to Christians to support Israel to your pulpit. 


jewish roots


This is a special year in Israel. This year, 5775 in the Jewish calendar is a Shmita year. It is the seventh year of the seven-year agricultural cycle mandated by the Torah for the Land of Israel. 

smiles for soldiers


Through our Smiles for Soldiers outreach, warm winter jackets are being distributed to Israeli soldiers and officers. A $30 or $65 gift of love shows your support of Israel's bravest.


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your voice


You can make a difference in Israel by praying, visiting the Holy Land, studying the Bible, supporting humanitarian projects endorsed by Jerry Clark Ministries.




Join Jerry Clark Ministries in repeating this heartfelt prayer from Billy Graham, written for The Saturday Evening Post in 2008 yet as vital for 2015.

you need to know


Possible site of Jesus' trial opens to public in Jerusalem.


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